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Upgrade Your Kitchen with a KitchenAid Knife Set

Meal preparation is made simple with a high-quality KitchenAid knife set on your countertop. These versatile sets come with all the tools needed to prepare everything from quick weeknight meals to fancy holiday feasts. As an added bonus, the handy storage block keeps these kitchen tools protected, organized and easily accessible.

What is a KitchenAid Knife Set?

Knife sets by KitchenAid are all-in-one knife bundles that include knives for general kitchen duties and specialized knives for specific kitchen tasks. There are many reasons to choose a KitchenAid knife collection:

  • With decades of experience in the kitchenware sector, KitchenAid products are made to last. Each knife comes with a strong handle and sturdy, stain-resistant blade that can withstand years of chopping with proper care.
  • Instead of selecting knives one by one to create a set, these knife bundles contain everything needed to simplify kitchen tasks. Purchasing a full knife set is not only an easier way to get all the knives you need, but it can also be more affordable than buying single knives.
  • The sleek, modern knife block that houses these KitchenAid knives comes in a variety of colors and looks great on any countertop. The colors and glossy finish on these blocks also coordinate well with other KitchenAid products like their renowned stand mixer.

Which KitchenAid Tools are Included?

All KitchenAid knife sets have been specially curated with the everyday needs of at-home chefs in mind. Depending on the set, these professional knife blocks will include some or all of the following kitchen essentials:

  • A curved peeling knife for peeling fruits and vegetables.
  • A paring knife for precision cutting.
  • A serrated utility knife for tasks like slicing baked goods.
  • A utility knife for all-purpose prep.
  • A santoku for slicing, dicing and mincing.
  • A bread knife for cutting even slices of soft bread.
  • A chef's knife for all-purpose prep.
  • A slicing knife to slice meats or chop vegetables.
  • A knife sharpener to sharpen dull blade edges.
  • A pair of kitchen shears for tasks like trimming fat and cutting delicate herbs.
  • A modern storage block to protect and organize the tools.

KitchenAid knife sets are the ultimate addition to any kitchen. With everything from small knives for precise tasks to large blades for quick chopping included, any home-cooked meal can be prepared with ease. KitchenAid products also make great gifts for students, newlyweds or anyone who could use an upgrade on their kitchen tools. With proper use and care, these high-quality knives from the KitchenAid collection of products will chop, slice and dice your favorite ingredients for years to come.

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