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One of the best things you can do for your kitchen to encourage precision and productivity is having the right tools on hand. This extends from having an avocado slicer or a potato masher handy to keeping a versatile and sharp knife set within arm’s reach to cut meats correctly and julienne or chopped vegetables with ease. If you are considering replacement of your current knife set, or your cutlery set is nonexistent or is a little scant, consider Calphalon cutlery to add to your kitchen ensemble.

At Williams-Sonoma, we offer Calphalon knives in several different collections, perfect for your various cooking needs. All cutlery has a stain-resistant, German steel construction, meant to last for years of cooking and chopping. Each knife is also delicately tapered to ensure retention of its edges. SharpIN™ sets feature blocks with sharpeners included in the base, so every time you store your knife or put it to rest, it is automatically sharpened for its next use. If you’re new to cooking or would appreciate some help distinguishing each piece of cutlery apart, each knife, regardless of collection or set, is imprinted on the end cap with the knife’s size and its usage, making quick cooking a breeze when you’re in a hurry. Plus, it just looks nice.

A knife set comes complete with several different types of knives that all have different uses. For example, a small paring nice is optimal for paring and cutting small vegetables and fruits, while a Japanese-style santoku knife has three uses. You may use the santoku knife for slicing, dicing and mincing. First made popular in Japan, this type of knife has been gaining popularity in the United States, and has now become a common go-to for professional chefs. Professionals also retain the use of a chef’s knife, which is also commonly included in sets. Similar to a santoku, a chef’s knife works well for slicing and dicing, but is also used to cut tough slices of meat, or to disjoint pieces of meat.

Other common types of knives that you’ll find in a Calphalon set include steak knives and a bread knife. While you can use steak knives for light slicing and chopping, they’re best used with your dinnerware, providing guests with a useful option to cut through pieces of chops or steak. A bread knife, as its name suggests, is excellent for cutting bread. Its serrated edges ensure smooth slicing of bread, rolls and other pastries without struggle.

Included with Calphalon sets is also a pair of kitchen shears as well as a pine storage block for storing the knives on your counter or tabletop. Even if you’re short on space, these knife blocks are compact and easy to place in tight spots. Choose SharpIN™ sets for self-sharpening ease of straight-edge knives after each use and cleaning.

If you only need a single knife or two to add to your collection, we also offer single pieces of Calphalon cutlery or knives that you can purchase separately. For example, if you only need a santoku knife, or would like a two-piece paring set, these are available options to add. Utility knives are also sold as single units. These all-purpose knives can tackle nearly any task in your kitchen, ranging from slicing meat to dicing tomatoes. A serrated edge ensures a clean cut every time, while a high-impact handle ensures a comfortable grip for a long task of chopping or slicing vegetables or meat. Should you already own a Calphalon set, the additional utility knife is designed to fit properly in your pine storage block.

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