With a few gadgets and plenty of imagination, you can take your Zoku Quick Pops to a delicious new level this summer. The Zoku Quick Pop Tool Kit makes it simple to create colorful designs and unique flavor combinations for your sweet treats.

Add More Flavor
Prepare pops with a variety of flavors using the three pour cups. Just fill each with a different juice and use the easy-to-read measurements to ensure volumes are equal.

Create a Creamy Center
Pops with a creamy center are a snap to make with the tool kit’s siphon. Fill up the pop molds with the outer layer flavor and let it sit for a couple of minutes, until the outside is frozen. Then use the siphon to extract the remaining liquid, pour in your creamy core flavor and freeze completely.

Bite into Fresh Fruit
Cut shapes out of fresh fruit with the heart- and star-shaped cutters. Then use the fruit wand to press the fruit against the sides of the pop molds. After you pour in the juice, the fruit will freeze to the outside of the pops, creating a layered design and varied texture.

Try a New Angle
The Zoku angle tray changes the angle at which your pops freeze to create geometric designs. Fill the molds partway, then rest the freezer unit at any angle. As each layer hardens, add more liquid and tilt the unit in the same or another direction for different effects