Williams-Sonoma <i>Family Meals</i>
The ritual of the family meal is a time-honored tradition, fostering a sense of connection and companionship that comes from sharing good food with people we love. In one of our newest cookbooks, Family Meals, author Maria Helm Sinskey draws upon her experience as an award-winning chef and mother of two young girls to help busy families make the most of their time spent cooking and dining together.

Featuring more than 100 delicious recipes, the book is bound to draw kids into the kitchen. And when children help select ingredients and join in the fun of meal preparation, they are more eager to eat what they have cooked.

Organized by ingredients, the chapters tell you how to choose the best and freshest foods, how to identify what is in season, and how to eat nutritionally. Each chapter opens with a fun family project that gets everyone involved in learning where everyday foods come from and how they are made. From rolling out homemade pasta to making your own ricotta cheese, these simple projects are guaranteed to spark culinary curiosity.

There are some childhood favorites you never outgrow, and you will find plenty of them throughout this book. For a nourishing lunch that is simple enough for children to fix (almost) all by themselves, try egg salad sandwiches prepared from farm-fresh eggs, creamy mayonnaise and fragrant herbs. On hectic weeknights, delight the whole family with crispy, oven-fried chicken tenders.

When it comes to getting picky little eaters to eat their veggies, the author offers lots of creative ideas. She notes that even card-carrying vegetable haters will scarf down a creamy gratin of tender broccoli florets enriched with cheeses. Warm up a chilly evening with a flavorful Indian-style curry chock-full of chickpeas and Yukon Gold potatoes; cucumber raita provides a cooling contrast.

For a family-friendly dinner party with a kid-approved touch of the exotic, try a main course of Asian-inspired grilled pork chops seasoned with ginger, garlic and Chinese five-spice powder. Homemade chunky applesauce is the perfect accompaniment. When it comes to dessert, kids and adults alike will be enchanted by the ethereal magic of a lofty bittersweet chocolate soufflé served warm from the oven.

The perfect how-to kitchen guide for families with kids of all ages, this informative book shows you how easy it is to have fun in the kitchen. Savoring a home-cooked meal together will be more satisfying and meaningful than ever.