Tips & Techniques Book Briefs Williams-Sonoma Collection: Pie & Tart
Williams-Sonoma Collection: <br>Pie & Tart
Nothing brings smiles like a piece of pie. Whether it's an all-American lemon meringue pie or a French-style tarte tatin, that heavenly pairing of buttery pastry with luscious filling is a favorite around the world. Pie & Tart, one of the newest cookbooks in the Williams-Sonoma Collection series, demystifies the art of baking these delectable desserts.

A seasoned baker and cooking teacher, author Carolyn Beth Weil shares 40 recipes for pies and tarts, from simple to fancy. Her chapter on rustic tarts highlights fresh fruit in easy-to-make yet beautiful desserts, such as individual plum galettes. You'll also find comforting classics, like rich banana cream pie and homey blueberry pie. A retro citrus chiffon pie receives an infusion of flavor from orange zest. Mississippi mud pie, with its creamy coffee ice cream filling and crunchy toffee topping, is the perfect summer crowd-pleaser. Or finish an elegant dinner with a dramatic fresh mint-chocolate truffle tart.

The basics chapter offers friendly, approachable instruction to help you master the essentials of baking pies. Recipes for a versatile cookie crumb crust and basic pie dough will become staples in your repertoire. You'll learn the techniques professionals use to make tender, flaky crusts—from mixing and rolling to partially and fully baking the pastry. You'll understand when to use metal or glass pie pans, and discover just how easy it is to cut and weave a lattice top that shows off the best of summer's fruit.

Each recipe is paired with a full-page color photograph that reveals how your finished creations will look. Photo-illustrated sidebars provide useful tips, such as tempering eggs to prevent them from curdling, handling delicate berries and creating a double boiler. The detailed glossary will help you stock your kitchen with the best-quality ingredients and equipment.

You'll reach for this informative and irresistible cookbook throughout the year. Whether you're looking for a special holiday treat or an easy way to bake up the season's bounty, Pie & Tart will offer just the recipe you need.