Tips & Techniques Christmas Tree-Trimming Party
Tree-Trimming Party
Decorating your Christmas tree is easier—and a lot more fun—when you ask family and friends to lend a hand. And a tree-trimming party is guaranteed to put everyone in a holiday mood. If you'd like, invite guests to bring an ornament to hang on the tree. In years to come, these decorations will become cherished mementos of the gathering.

When guests arrive, set out a few hors d'oeuvres, pour eggnog and hot spiced cider, and let the decorating begin. Before you know it, your tree will be glittering with lights and ornaments.

Then serve a buffet-style supper that features a warming sausage and Swiss chard soup. Homemade ice cream laced with peppermint bark makes a festive ending to the celebration.