New Orleans: Classic Recipes
New Orleans has been a food lover's paradise for nearly three centuries and is still going strong. Guided by Slow Food activist Poppy Tooker, we recently visited this historic city to meet with local fishermen, farmers and restaurateurs. All graciously shared their prized recipes and personal stories of how the community continues to nourish struggling enterprises devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Here we feature a sampling of the region's specialties, including muffuletta, the hearty sandwich stuffed with cured meats, cheeses and garlicky olive salad. Our version of gumbo, a savory Creole stew thickened with a roux, is chock-full of sausages, fresh shrimp, crabmeat, smoked ham and other meats. We also offer a recipe for bananas Foster, the legendary flambéed dessert that is spooned over vanilla ice cream.

By sharing these food traditions, we hope you will be inspired to visit New Orleans and support its proud culinary heritage.