Tips & Techniques Christmas Meals for Holiday Houseguests
Meals for Holiday Houseguests
If you have guests staying with you during the holidays, these main dishes are perfect for a crowd—and easy on the cook. When friends and relatives arrive, serve them a simple supper of sausage and bell pepper sandwiches. They're quick to prepare and taste delicious.

A slow cooker is ideal for making one-pot dinners. Try our pork braciole, a thin cut of pork shoulder that's stuffed with savory ingredients. It braises for seven hours in a slow cooker to tender perfection, so you can enjoy the day with your company. If you're short on time, prepare our 20-minute beef stew. This comforting meal comes together quickly, thanks to the use of a pressure cooker.

And for breakfast, there's nothing better than a strata—a homey casserole made with bread, eggs, milk, cheese and other ingredients. It can be assembled the night before, then baked the next morning.