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Ice Cream, Gelato and More
For beating the summer heat, nothing surpasses a bowl of homemade ice cream, gelato or other frozen dessert. Ice cream blends a handful of ingredients (cream, milk, sugar, eggs and flavorings) into an irresistible treat. Gelato, an Italian ice cream, is made with less cream than other ice creams and uses an egg-rich custard base instead. Because less air is incorporated during churning, gelato has a dense texture and intense flavor.

Other types of frozen desserts include sorbet, which is usually made with a mixture of a fruit puree, water and sugar and then frozen in an ice cream maker. Granita, an Italian-style dessert, is prepared with a sugar syrup and flavorings and is frozen in a shallow pan; as it freezes, the mixture is periodically scraped with a fork to create a granular texture.

Here we feature some of our favorite frozen dessert recipes. Many showcase fresh summer fruits at their peak of ripeness, including peaches, cantaloupe and blackberries. Also included are classics like vanilla and chocolate. As you will discover with these tempting recipes, homemade ice cream is simply the best there is!