Get Cooking
Hey kids! We can show you how fun and easy cooking can be! There are times when you need to pay attention, like when you are using knives, cooking on the stovetop and baking in the oven. But dont worry. All you need to remember are two key words: sharp and hot. Whenever those words come to mind, ask an adult to stand by. Adults can be really helpful, and may even wash the dishes!

Before you begin to cook, be sure to read the recipe from start to finish. Make sure an adult is around to help out. If you have long hair, tie it back. Take off any dangling things like scarves, hair ribbons or jewelry that could catch on fire, fall into a pan or get tangled. Roll up long sleeves and put on an apron. Then start cooking and have some fun!

Hey parents! Our recipes are designed especially for kids to prepare, to use with as much independence as seems right for their age and skill level. Only you can gauge how much support you will need to give to your children as they cook. Review the recipe with them before they begin and identify any steps that may require adult supervision.