Food Safety
Keeping the food you cook safe and healthful is mostly a matter of common sense. As your parents tell you: Always wash your hands with hot water and soap before you start cooking, after you finish and frequently in the middle. Also, dont forget to wash your hands again before you sit down to eat.

Keeping things clean and safe
Raw meat, chicken, fish and eggs can contain bacteria that will make you sick.

To prevent these types of raw foods from contaminating cooked foods or uncooked fruits and vegetables, promptly wash any plates, bowls, cutting boards, knives and other utensils you used with hot, soapy water, and wash your hands thoroughly at the same time. Never taste raw meats or poultry, and be sure to discard any paper or plastic wrappings that came with the meats, poultry or fish as soon as possible.

Here are more helpful hints for keeping your food fresh and delicious:
  • Never taste raw eggs, as they can sometimes contain bacteria that will make you sick. Wash your hands again each time you touch raw eggs.
  • Germs, better known as bacteria, grow best in warm temperatures, so always keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.
  • Put food away as you go. Do not leave ingredients that should be refrigerated sitting out on the counter for more than 1 hour (less in hot weather).
  • Do not put hot food straight into the refrigerator. This will raise the temperature in the refrigerator and may cause other foods stored there to spoil. Instead, let the hot food cool to room temperature before putting it into the fridge.