Focus on Dad’s favorites with this simple and casual Father’s Day menu, which features seasonal fruits and vegetables at their peak. Dips, salads and desserts can easily be made ahead, and the whole family will enjoy the outdoors while the sausages are on the grill.

  • While others are setting up, try making popcorn on the grill. Place the kernels in a loose packet of aluminum foil over direct heat, and top with melted butter.

  • Artichoke and White Bean Salad

  • Set out condiments in small bowls for clean, easy toppings. Bring them out just before serving so they stay cool.

  • Bring any fruits and vegetables you have on hand outside to throw on the grill for impromptu snacking.

  • Berry Cobbler

  • Buy simple vanilla ice cream to serve alongside the cobbler for a refreshing summer dessert.