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Cobblers, Crisps and Crumbles
With berries, apricots, plums and other fruits coming into season, homey desserts such as cobblers, crisps and crumbles are perfect for showcasing summer's fresh bounty. Rustic relatives of the tart and pie, these baked desserts are easy to prepare.

Each begins with a filling that combines one or more types of fruit. The topping for a cobbler resembles sweet biscuits. Often chunks of dough are placed roughly on the fruit before baking so the finished crust has a cobbled look; sometimes the dough is rolled flat and cut into shapes, then placed on the fruit filling and baked. Crisps boast a crunchy crumb topping made from butter, sugar and flour; nuts and rolled oats may be added for texture and flavor. Crumbles, which originated in Britain, are similar to crisps and have a crumbly topping.

Here we feature recipes for these old-fashioned favorites, including a plum crumble, apricot-almond crisp and bing cherry cobbler. Prepared with peak-of-season fruits from your farmers' market, these desserts make a delicious finale to a backyard barbecue.