Tips & Techniques Ingredients All About Green Onions

Also known as scallions, mild-flavored green (spring) onions are the immature shoots of the bulb onion. They have a narrow white stem that has not yet begun to swell and long, flat green leaves.

Green onions can be harvested year round in mild climates. Recipes often specify which part of the onion should be used: the white stem, the green leaves or both. The milder bite of green onions blends well in dishes where raw onion would be too strong, such as scrambled eggs or omelets, sandwich fillings or savory salads. In Asia, the bright green leaves commonly garnish soups and dipping sauces.

The tops of green (spring) onions should be vibrant green in color. They should look fresh and feel firm, not wilted or slimy. The bulb ends should be white. Avoid dried roots or bruised, wet bulbs.

Store green onions in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Rinse the green onions thoroughly to remove any sand or grit from the layers. Trim off the root ends and green tops from the onions. Using your fingers, peel off the outer layer of the bulb. Plan to use green onions as soon as they are cut, as they will quickly begin to oxidize and lose their flavor.