Gaby Dalkin
Los Angeles, California

Gaby Dalkin is a cookbook author, avocado aficionado and
founder of the popular site What’s Gaby Cooking, where she
chronicles the best healthy (and sometimes decadent)
dishes to come out of her kitchen. Now she’s bringing her
fresh cooking style – a mix of California casual and a
healthy dose of Southwestern flair – to a new signature
guacamole starter and a duo of flavorful sauces.




“I’m very particular about my salsas.
My husband once told me I was a salsa snob,
and I took it as a compliment! I have my
favorite recipes for when I throw a party, and I
wanted those to be accessible to people all
over the country, so after a lot of taste
testing… here we are!”




“Anytime I’m doing anything that is going to
be published on my site or on social media, it’s
all about color and texture. Make sure you have
plenty of chips, salsas, guacamole, and drinks
on hand. My greatest fear in life is running out
of food at a party, so that ensures my fear
will never come true!”



Gaby's Party Menu

Gaby's Kitchen Essentials  

5-GabyDalkin-S17D2 All-Clad TK Dutch Oven >Global Classic 3-Piece Knife Set >

All-Clad TK Dutch Oven >

"The All-Clad Dutch Oven is my go-to pot for just
about everything! I use it to fry bacon (as the high
sides keep my stove from getting dirty) to making
soups, stews to boiling off pasta! It has a permanent
home on the stove because I use it so frequently!"


Global Classic 3-Piece Knife Set >

"A good knife set is mandatory! You don't need 200+
knives, just a few really sharp knives that fit your
hand well. Global is my go-to as I love the fact that
it's made from one piece of stainless steel."


6-GabyDalkin-S17D2 All-Clad TK Dutch Oven >Olivewood Salt Keeper >

Finex Cast-Iron Fry Pan >

"Why use a regular cast iron pan when you can use a
Finex? I'm mostly obsessed with the shape and the
handle. Plus it makes for an excellent instagram photo
when you serve a taco bake or nachos in it!"

Olivewood Salt Keeper >

"If you follow me on Snapchat, you know I'm obsessed
with Maldon sea salt. I've even been known to travel
with it :) But when I'm at home it lives in this salt
keeper right next to the stove for easy access!"




7-GabyDalkin-S17D2 All-Clad Immersion Blender >Ten-Piece Glass Mixing Bowl Set >

All-Clad Immersion Blender >

I've always said an immersion blender is a must!
It can make anything into a soup in no-time flat, and it
whips up a salad dressing when you're just into
whisking up a storm! 



Ten-Piece Glass Mixing Bowl Set >

Prep bowls are my life! They keep me organized and
make cooking and baking a breeze.