Canning Step by Step Fruit Preserves Pickles Tool Checklist
Jam Pan
Jam Pan >

These specially designed wide pans are ideal for cooking down fruits to your desired consistency. They should have a large capacity (about 8 quarts) and be made of nonreactive metal.

Glass Canning Jars
Glass Canning Jars >

For safety, use glass jars specifically designed for canning. They come in a variety of styles and sizes and, in good condition, can be used repeatedly. Jars should be sturdy enough to stand up to high temperatures.

Funnel >

Widemouthed funnels are ideal for filling preserve jars quickly and easily with minimal spilling.

Spatula >

A nonmetallic, heatproof spatula is useful for stirring preserves, and a thin spatula is helpful for releasing air bubbles around the inside edge of filled jars.

Electric Canner
Electric Canner >

Take the guesswork out of preserving with an automatic system that controls processing time and temperature with precision.

Food Scale
Food Scale >

It is important to use precise quantities when you're canning, which is why recipes often list ingredients by weight rather than volume. A scale ensures accurate amounts of each ingredient.

Citrus Juicer
Citrus Juicer >

Many preserve recipes use citrus juice as the acid component. Use a juicer to extract juice from all sorts of citrus quickly and easily.

Corers and Pitters
Corers and Pitters >

These tools can save valuable time when you're working with fresh fruits like cherries and mangoes that are labor intensive to pit and core.

Boiling-Water Canner
Boiling-Water Canner >

A large pot with a removable metal rack makes it easy to can in large batches. Choose one deep enough so that water will cover your filled jars by at least 2 inches.

Jar Tongs
Jar Tongs >

Also known as a jar lifter, this tool is essential for safely lifting filled preserve jars in and out of a hot-water bath.

Wood Chalkboard Tags
Wood Chalkboard Tags >

It is a good idea to label your homemade jams and pickles, with both the jars' contents and the date you made them, since many varieties can look similar from the outside.

Food Mill, Food Processor or Blender
Food Mill, Food Processor or Blender >

These tools quickly puree fruits and vegetables to your desired texture for preserving.

Tomato Press
Tomato Press >

This electric press makes fast, easy work of turning a bounty of fresh tomatoes into a flavorful puree for canning.

Sieve or Strainer
Sieve or Strainer >

For jelly-making, a fine-mesh sieve or strainer is helpful for clarifying fruit mixtures by removing the solids.

Citrus Zester
Citrus Zester >

A zester is ideal for stripping off citrus peel, often used in preserving recipes because it adds flavor and contains pectin, which helps liquids to jell.

Candy Thermometer
Candy Thermometer >

A thermometer is especially helpful for beginning jam makers and essential for recipes that require processing jars at a specific temperature for an extended period.

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