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Best Dinnerware Sets for Hosting and Entertaining

Every home needs a few good sets of dinnerware for different purposes, from everyday family dinners to dinner parties and holiday gatherings. At Williams Sonoma, we have collected our top-rated dinnerware and dinnerware sets together in one convenient location to provide our customers with the best place to buy dishes of all types and styles. Whether you are planning for a special occasion or just looking for new dishes to match your favorite tablecloth, we've got you covered.

All Your Top Dinnerware Essentials in One Place

Dinnerware sets contain a variety of different types of dishes. You'll find dinner plates, appetizer plates, salad plates, soup bowls and pasta plates, most commonly in sets of either four or six. Some sets also contain dishes like platters, cereal bowls, mugs and cups with saucers. With Williams Sonoma, you have the option to customize your dinnerware set or to choose only the specific dishes you need. You can then make sure you've got the right amount and types of flatware to go with your new dishes.

From Contemporary to Traditional - Pick Your Style

The best dinnerware sets are those that not only meet your functional requirements but that suit your tastes and style as well. For a modern look, choose a dinnerware set featuring solid colors or simple designs. For a more traditional style, opt for ornate details like scalloped rims, delicate beading or a basketweave design. Brightly colored and patterned plates also lend a more traditional and vintage feel perfect for lively holiday dinners. Clean, white porcelain dinnerware tends to be the most versatile and can be dressed up or down with linens and flatware.

Create Your Perfect Layered Table Setting

Having a good assortment of patterned, white and solid color dinnerware makes it easy to create a wide array of different table presentations for different occasions. Start with your tablecloth of choice, set down your carefully selected placemats and mix-and-match your dinnerware to harmonize all of the colors and patterns and complete the look. A simple white dinner plate, for example, provides a great base for a brightly colored or patterned soup bowl. Using different dishes from different dinnerware sets will allow you to delight your guests with a unique plate for each course.

Find the Best Dinnerware Brands of 2019

When you browse our selection of top-rated dinnerware, you'll find affordable and high-quality dishes from well-known and well-loved brands. Our Williams Sonoma brand dinnerware is designed to provide professional and restaurant quality dishes at home. Open Kitchen by Williams Sonoma delivers sturdy, affordable dishes for everyday use while Williams Sonoma Brasserie plates will transform your dining room into a classic Parisian bistro. For truly exceptional quality porcelain, we also carry the distinguished and timeless French dinnerware brands Pillivuy and Apilco.

The best dinnerware sets will lend harmony to your place settings and elevate the delicious food you prepare. Ensure a charming presentation every time with top-quality dinnerware rated well by other home cooks and entertainers such as yourself. Once you've selected the best dishes for your needs, don't forget to pick up some matching or complementary serving bowls as well.

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