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The dinnerware you choose says a lot about your personality. It’s the first thing guests see when they sit down at the dinner table. The right pieces enhance the appearance of your food and turn the whole evening into something memorable. At Williams-Sonoma, we want to help you make a great first impression with plate settings that are beautiful, elegant and just a little bit different. All you need to do is pick the style that tells everyone who you are. Don’t worry, we have pieces that are bold and bright for the creative, as well as more traditional porcelain with metallic accents if you want something with vintage flair. Our Fortessa collection includes elements of both. And when it comes to cooking, All-Clad cookware is highly recommended – and a favorite of professional chefs – for excellent results.

A lot of moms and dads want something that’s sophisticated enough for company but that can also stand up to the demands of daily use in a house with kids. That’s not always easy to find, but you’ve come to the right place. Top hotels and restaurants prefer Fortessa because it looks amazing but is durable enough for service after service. The reason it’s able to stand up to that kind of punishment without losing its crystal-clear sheen is Fortaluxe SuperWhite vitrified china. It gives each piece an incredible amount of strength and can handle a lot without chipping or scratching. Fortessa dinnerware is even impact resistant, so an unexpected accident doesn’t mean the end. Bring a smile to your kids’ faces with homemade ice cream.

Perfect contours make Fortessa a great choice for entertaining. It’s elegant to the max, with gentle curves and a brilliant shine. When paired with candles, it’s easy to forget you’re at home instead of seated in a four-star restaurant in Paris being serenaded by accordions while enjoying coq au vin. Hosting black tie affairs with served hors d’oeuvres is no problem. Of course, not every evening has to be a party. Our dinnerware just adds a touch of French style to whatever you’re making for dinner. That way you get to feel special even after a long day. Don’t forget to pick out gorgeous wine glasses to wow guests even more.

White dinnerware is a no-brainer for easy decor. It matches everything, and actually enhances your dining room’s wall colors, especially bold ones. Deep reds and blues, for example, wouldn’t look quite as sophisticated without dazzling white plates and bowls to back them up. Exotic tones like turquoise, lime green, bright orange, lavender or even pink come to life when paired with Fortessa. And since place settings are easy to leave on the table, they work their charm even when you’re not eating. If you have cream-colored or very light walls, another option is to decorate with colorful dinnerware.

Infuse your home with some artistic charm. Sharp edges and geometric shapes make a kind of culinary fashion statement. Our Fortessa square dinnerware collection was made to be seen. Distinctive angles paired together flow like the strokes of a masterpiece. If you enjoy plating like a pro, this set takes everything to another level. Serve gourmet portions of roast lamb with mouthwatering sauces across the surface of the square 10 3/4" square dinner plate. Or go rustic with homemade paella served in a large slanting bowl. Smaller bowls highlight eclectic offerings like chilled ceviche or hot and spicy chili. Fortessa makes even comfort foods chic. A good sauté pan lets you prepare family favorites in one dish.

Fortessa Coupe is the opposite of square. Its sleek surface feels almost liquid. Think wide, effortless contours. Use them to create a relaxing vibe at the dinner table, poolside or on the balcony for a romantic dinner for two. Intense flavors and colors are a great match for these smooth pieces. Spacious bowls can hold everything from soup to authentic pasta or pesto. If you want something a little crispier, a pizza oven gives you delicious Italian flavors without taking a ton of time.

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