Chair Pads

Sitting around the dining room table and chatting or playing board games for hours is part of what helps families and friends bond, and you can make the time spent sitting on wooden chairs more comfortable by adding chair pads. These thin, soft cushions reduce the soreness that comes from being seated for an extended time, so set some mugs of steaming coffee, tea or cocoa on placemats and table linens that match your chair pads, and let the chatting and board games begin. The Williams-Sonoma restaurant tabletop options include two-packs and four-packs of pads, so you can easily get the right amount of pads for every chair in your dining area.

Spills are almost inevitable when you have people sitting around a table eating, drinking and chatting, but it does not have to be a problem when the spilled food or drink lands on your chair pads. When you choose 100 percent cotton pads from our tabletop and bar collection, cleanup is as simple as removing the covers and tossing them in the laundry with your other linens. Then, just replace the clean covers and tie them back on the chairs and you are ready for more comfortable time around the table.

You get double the life from our reversible chair pads because, in addition to being easy to clean and maintain, and looking great with a matching tablecloth, when one side starts to look worn and threadbare, you just flip the pads over and it is like having a brand new set of cushions for your dining room seats. Or, you can regularly flip the pads when cleaning so they wear evenly. Wash covers with non-chlorinated bleach to maintain the brightness of the fabric, and tumble dry on the low setting. If the covers wrinkle after laundering, a few quick passes with a warm iron will restore the smooth finish of the cotton fabric.

Our Berry Meadow chair pads are quilted, adding an extra layer of padding to your cushions. The fabric features a Provencal-style floral-inspired pattern based upon classic French textiles. Add matching place mats and heavy stoneware dinnerware in deep shades of gray or blue to your table setting to create an earthy, charming dining area that looks like it belongs in the French countryside. Or, add bright yellow or white plates and bowls to catch the light and add a vibrant, friendly touch to your dining room.

Create two looks for your dining room with our Provence chair pads. These pads have a quilted side and a smooth side. The smooth side has a delicate, smaller pattern, while the quilted side makes a bold statement with a larger print. Change up the look by pairing the boldly printed side with a plain tablecloth and a bold table runner to complement the pattern featured on the chair pad. Or, put a bold tablecloth on when displaying the more delicate print on the other side of the chair pad.

Take advantage of deep, rich colors for adding an elegant touch to your home’s kitchen or dining space with chair pads from our Marseilles Collection. The fabric covers used in this collection are made from hand-screened cotton. The colors are hardy and mellow and specially created to blend with the rest of the pieces in the Marseilles Collection. This means you can create a unified theme without all the guesswork by choosing your tablecloth, runner, place mats, napkins and chair pads from the same collection. Then, just set the table with your favorite dinnerware, utensils and glasses and enjoy the time you and your loved ones spend gathered around the table.