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Add Versatility to Your Kitchen With Toaster Ovens

Equip your countertops with easy-to-use, functional appliances like toaster ovens from Williams-Sonoma. These appliances reduce your energy usage and simplify cooking, allowing you to bake meals with ease. Plus, they don't heat up your kitchen like an oven, which delivers welcome relief during the summer months. When shopping for these ovens, consider how you cook as you explore different styles. With some research, you'll find the right style to simplify cooking in your kitchen.

Available Styles

Williams-Sonoma's toaster ovens come in several styles, ranging from convenient 2-slice toasters perfect for an on-the-go breakfast to more elaborate devices capable of creating an array of dishes. Consider the following toaster oven styles before you buy:

  • 2-slice toasters - A staple in many homes, the 2-slice toaster allows you to prepare toast, bagels or English muffins for breakfast in mere minutes. These toasters come in several durable constructions, offering various settings, including degree adjustment and timers. Enjoy your toast with a fresh cup of coffee made with your favorite coffee maker.
  • 4-slice toasters - Speed up toasting time by investing in a 4-slice toaster for your kitchen. These toasters also come in an array of colors and feature user-friendly settings that can defrost bread, toast thick slices and deliver customized settings to suit your tastes.
  • Countertop ovens - Sleek countertop ovens deliver many benefits of your full-size oven while using less energy and emitting less heat. Thanks to preset functions, these ovens can bake a variety of food, including pizza, cookies and meat.
  • Convection ovens - Convection ovens can cook food up to 30 percent faster, resulting in easier meal prep. They also create crispier foods, which can add the finishing touch to your favorite recipes.
  • Pizza ovens - Pizza ovens are a must for any pizza aficionado. These ovens replicate wood-fired ovens, giving pizzas delicious flavor and making every pizza taste as if it came from your favorite Italian restaurant.
  • Microwaves - Countertop microwaves offer ultimate convenience, heating foods in a matter of minutes--or even seconds, making these appliances a staple in many kitchens.

Features to Consider

Each of these toaster oven styles boasts an array of user-friendly, practical features that make these appliances versatile additions to your kitchen. Much like your stand mixer, you will find plenty of uses for a toaster oven in your kitchen. Consider these key features:

  • Preset functions for different foods - Customize your toaster oven to your food of choice by choosing from preset functions like bake, preheat, warm, broil, dehydrate and air fry.
  • Dual oven racks - Maximize oven space by choosing a style with dual oven racks.
  • Internal sensors - Smart toaster ovens include internal sensors that can adjust the power level and calculate cooking time.
  • Digital display - LCD screens allow you to easily choose settings, set temperature and adjust the time.
  • Adjustable power levels - Cook your next meal perfectly by choosing the right power level for your dish.

Enjoying healthy, home-cooked meals doesn't always require hours in the kitchen. With the right appliances, such as toaster ovens and slow cookers, in your home, you can simplify meal planning and prep while keeping everyone in your family satisfied. Choose from the various styles of appliances available in the Williams Sonoma collection and enjoy the cooking flexibility that these appliances deliver.

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