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Why Every Home Needs a Slow Cooker

If you've been hearing a lot about the slow cooker or pressure cooker recently, it's because these countertop appliances are amazing for creating tantalizing meals. People love slow cookers for their ability to bring out the true flavors of ingredients when creating soups, stews, roasts, broth and more. They're incredibly easy to use, too. Everything goes in one pot and simmers all day or evening while you go about your life. When it's time to eat, the meal can often be served directly from the slow cooker.

What is a Slow Cooker?

A slow cooker is sometimes called a crock pot. This small electric appliance is usually round or oval and always has a lid. You plug it in and let it rest on a clear corner or section of your countertop to simmer ingredients at a low heat for a long time.

  • The main concept behind the slow cooker is "low and slow," a cooking technique that refers to allowing juices and flavors to simmer and blend at low heat for several hours.
  • These cookers create rich, layered flavors that you can't replicate with other cooking methods.
  • When you cook with slow cookers, you place the ingredients into the cooker and add stock, like broth, water or wine.
  • The lid stays on for the duration of cooking. It keeps the temperature where it needs to be, plus creates a cycle of steam and liquid that cooks the food.

What is a Pressure Cooker?

A pressure cooker is similar to a slow cooker, but it reduces the amount of cooking time required to create richly-flavored or complex dishes. You can shop pressure cookers and slow cookers to get similar flavors for your meals.

Both appliances are available in different sizes, usually measured in quarts, depending on how much you like to cook at once and how much countertop space you have.

Benefits of a Slow Cooker

Many homes have a slow cooker because of their exceptional range of culinary and meal prep benefits.

  • This is a wonderful way to make healthy meals that taste hearty. Since the flavors meld so beautifully, you can prep soups and stews or bean dishes with lots of veggies for the whole week ahead.
  • Slow cookers are great for big Sunday dinners, where warm, comfort-food flavors reign at the table.
  • They're excellent for parties. Make a moist casserole, layered spinach or other dip, an incredible nacho set-up or a warm soup to serve ahead of a bigger, more formal meal.

Discover how satisfying it is to use your cooker when you shop from a range of high-quality choices, available now at Williams Sonoma.

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