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Stand Mixer Attachments

A stand mixer is one of the most beloved appliances in any kitchen. It does most of the hard work so that you don’t have to. With stand mixer attachments, you can increase the versatility of your appliance. From making ice cream to milling grains to grinding meat, there’s not a lot that your stand mixer can’t accomplish. With the scraper bowl attachment, you get every last drop of goodness out of the bowl. Williams-Sonoma stand mixer attachments help you get the most out of your favorite mixer.

Nothing quite compares to the taste and texture of freshly made pasta. With the pasta press attachment for your stand mixer, you can make a variety of noodle styles and sizes with ease. The pasta roller makes it easy to make wide noodles such as lasagna noodles and egg noodles. Both tools attach to the mixer’s power hub for easy use.

Eliminate the need for multiple appliances in your kitchen with the food processor attachment for your stand mixer. This multifunctional attachment slices, dices and shreds with speed and precision. Durable blades stay sharp for reliable use time after time. Whether you are prepping all of the food for a holiday meal or just need to shred some cheese for a single dish, this stand mixer attachment can handle tasks of all sizes.

A slow juicer is one of the most effective appliances for extracting nutrient-rich juice from fruits, vegetables and nuts. With this attachment, you can harness the power of your stand mixer to crush and press fresh foods and turn them into healthy beverages. Make a green juice to start your morning or whip up a batch of nut milk to last you the entire week.

Enjoy some of the freshest meats and create savory dishes with the food grinder attachment. Make everything from ground beef to breadcrumbs for your next recipe. A sausage stuffer attachment makes it easy to create your own homemade sausage. It is versatile enough to make anything from sausage links for a filling breakfast to kielbasa for a hearty dinner.

Become a master in the kitchen with stand mixer attachments that make it easy to prep a variety of ingredients for cooking and baking. Eliminate the need for multiple small kitchen appliances and save space in your kitchen by using attachments to get the most out of your stand mixer. Make fresh juice, fresh sausage and homemade pasta right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

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