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Whip up your favorite culinary delights with ease when you add a kitchen mixer to your arsenal of cooking and baking tools. From mixing batters to whipping cream to blending ingredients, these versatile tools from us at Williams Sonoma give you the power you need to create the recipes you love in a fraction of the time it takes to do those same tasks by hand. Before you set your sights on any one particular mixer, ask yourself a few invaluable questions. Your answers will help lead you to the perfect mixer for your kitchen.

How Much Space Do You Have?

This might be one of the most important considerations when you’re deciding between hand mixers and stand mixers. After all, a good stand mixer is heavy and takes up considerable counter or cupboard space. Plan on devoting at least 1 square foot of space to a stand mixer. If you don’t have that much space to devote to an appliance, a handheld mixer might be a better option for you. These mixers are portable and take up far less space than stand mixers do.

What Will You Use the Mixer to Make?

Both types of mixers can handle a variety of cooking and baking tasks. But, if you plan to make lots of thick, heavy dough for cookies, breads and pie crusts, a stand mixer is likely your best option. These heavy-duty kitchen tools have more power than their handheld counterparts, which means they can stand up to your heavy-duty recipes while mixing faster and more efficientlyr. However, if you don’t bake often, or you might not use the mixer frequently, you might prefer starting out with a hand mixer, which still blends and mixes without the higher price tag of a stand mixer.

What Kind of Bowl Do You Prefer?

For stand mixers, you generally have two choices: glass or metal. Glass mixing bowls often come with measurement markings to help make your recipe creation even easier. They also give you the versatility of using them in the microwave to melt butter or chocolate. Metal mixing bowls are typically made of stainless steel. These durable, hard-working bowls are non-reactive, so whatever you’re whipping up won’t take on a metallic flavor. Hand mixers don’t come with a dedicated bowl. That gives you the flexibility of using them in whatever bowl or pot you like.

What’s Your Kitchen Style

When you buy a kitchen mixer from us, you have your pick of a range of colors, brands and styles to suit the decorative scheme of your room. From retro-looking models to sleek, modern mixers, we have it all. And most mixers come in different colors. So, you don’t have to stick with classic white, black or silver. You can also use your mixer to add a splash of color to your counters and to express your personality.

How Much Power Do You Need?

This goes back to the question of what you’ll be making with your mixer. The more you’ll use it and the heavier the ingredient mixing, the more power you need. In addition to the wattage of the mixer, you also need to consider the mixing motion. Those with planetary mixing tend to have a hub in the front of the mixer, which typically gives you more flexibility for adding accessories. In turn, that gives you flexibility for doing everything from mixing dough to whipping potatoes. If you’re going to be strictly working with heavy dough and making bread, a mixer with spiral mixing motion might be ideal. What you lose in versatility, you gain in speed because it works faster for bread dough.

Now that you have a good feel for what you need in a mixer, remember to consider the accessories. Some mixers, especially hand mixers, come with a standard array of accessories like beaters, a balloon whisk and a dough hook. Other models may offer expanded options to let you do everything from making pasta to grinding meat. Keep your culinary goals in mind, and it’ll be easy to find the tools that you love using.

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