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Food Processors & Meat Slicers

Whether you’re a busy parent looking for fast ways to prepare healthy meals for the kids, or you’re an aspiring home chef creating feasts for the eyes to share on social media, having the right gadgets makes food preparation quicker and easier. Take your cooking to the next level by shopping with us at Williams Sonoma for handy modern appliances such as an electric wok, food processors and meat slicers to transform your kitchen and release your potential for creativity.

Choosing a Food Processor

Do you spend lots of time in the kitchen chopping, mincing, dicing and slicing? Are dips and chips a staple at your family movie nights? If so, a food processor may be a valuable addition to your cupboard. Processors make life in the kitchen a breeze, especially if you look for one that meets your requirements. One of the most important considerations is the size. You’ll want something with a good capacity, especially if you often cook feasts for a large family or you enjoy hosting dinner parties. If you have a small family or rarely cook for big groups, you may feel like you don’t need a large model. Keep in mind that when you’re working with ingredients, you want to fill the processor’s bowl halfway or less. It pays to have as much capacity as possible. Larger processors also tend to weigh more, which helps to keep them steady when you’re chopping heavier foods. A big processor is more likely to have a wide feeding tube, which is a real time-saver. You don’t have to trim or cut down food as much – or at all – before adding it to the mix. Remember that a large unit takes up more space, so you need to make sure you have room on your countertop plus enough cupboard space for storage when the processor isn’t in use.

When you’re busy cooking, it’s good to keep things simple. You don’t want complicated controls hindering your creative spark. Food processors with a lot of control options are great! However, you may just want to be able to switch it on and off, or do quick pulses. Also consider safety, especially if you have children in the house. Most processors have locking bowls, and the blades won’t start until you engage the locking mechanism. This significantly reduces the risk of injuries and food spills. Finally, consider a food processor that is dishwasher safe. After all, you’ve worked hard preparing the meal. Feel free to put your feet up instead of spending extra time cleaning up!

Choosing a Meat Slicer

If the kids are regularly raiding the refrigerator for sandwich fillings, you enjoy cold meat platters or if you’ve taken up curing meats as a tasty hobby, a meat slicer is an essential purchase. If you want beautifully even slices, and you want a bit more free time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, an automatic slicer can be the way to go. In addition to saving time, a slicer saves money. It’s possible to cut a piece of meat into thinner slices than what might be possible with a knife.

As when choosing a food processor, consider size carefully. You need to have enough room to use your slicer on the countertop, and you need to have somewhere to store it. Storage is particularly important, as slicers have sharp blades that you need to keep out of the reach of inquisitive kids.

With the right tools at your fingertips, every mealtime is an opportunity to express your creativity and personality as you whip up classic culinary treats and adventurous new dishes. Use electrical kitchen gadgets to speed through food prep and focus instead on creating fun dishes with flair and flavor. Mealtime masterpieces in minutes are on the menu.

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