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Electric Woks & Skillets

In the mood for a tasty stir fry, but don't want to leave the house? Break out your Williams-Sonoma electric wok and prepare a feast in the comfort of your kitchen. Woks are very useful for a variety of cooking tasks, such as stir frying, pan frying, steaming, searing and boiling. When you need to maximize your countertop space, adding a versatile piece like an electric wok lets you make the most of your work area. Every chef knows the struggle of trying to fit multiple pots and pans into a single space. Fortunately, the electric wok frees up one of your burners so your stove has more room.



Before you start cooking, make sure you have all the ingredients for a flavorful dish, such as oil. It only takes a small amount of rich, heart-healthy olive oil to prep your electric wok for a stir fry or even pan frying. Electric woks come with a secure lid that helps contain the popping and splatters that may occur when you are cooking with oil. Look for models that include a vented lid; vented lids let you control the amount of moisture in your dish for a customized cooking experience.


Though traditional noodles and rice are beloved stir fry ingredients, give your cooking a healthy twist by swapping them for vegetables when cooking with your electric wok. Spiralizers create nutrient-rich noodles from your favorite vegetables. Zucchini, squash and turnips all provide delicious vegetable noodles. Electric woks disperse heat evenly throughout the entire cooking area, allowing you to quickly and uniformly sauté your veggies.


After cooking an exquisite meal, cleanup is one of the tasks that chefs might dread. Thanks to the nonstick surfaces found in many electric woks, they are a cinch to clean. Just break out your usual supplies for quick cleaning. Use a sponge, warm water and your preferred soap to wipe the wok clean. Then, let it air dry on your spacious dish rack, or wipe it clean with a dish towel.


Though many cooks love to combine meat and vegetables into a single delicious dish, some prefer to keep them separate. An electric skillet is a convenient way to fry, sear or braise a mouthwatering cut of meat. Multiple temperature settings make it simple to alter the heat to your recipe. A handy indicator light even lets you know when the skillet is hot and ready for cooking. Before you can start cooking on your electric skillet, you need to trim or cut your meat. Make the process as mess-free as possible by putting down a cutting board. Now, you have a designated area to cut your meat and put the portions you wish to discard. Some cutting boards are even dishwasher-safe, so you can quickly cleanse them once you are done.


When choosing your electric skillet or electric wok, pick from an assortment of cooking capacities. If you’re only cooking for yourself and a partner, you can save on space by picking a small version. Don’t worry; these small models are just as dependable as their larger counterparts. Regardless of the size of your recipe, a splatter screen is a smart alternative to a lid when you are cooking. When you prefer to watch your food as it is cooking, just bring out your splatter screen. Splatter screens are lightweight, easy to remove and keep grease contained. Thanks to the easy removal, some chefs like to use them in place of lids when they are continually adding ingredients to their dish.


Many electric woks and skillets are large enough to accommodate cooking accessories, such as steamer baskets. Baskets help keep food separate and let you quickly remove items that have a lower cooking time. After positioning the basket in your wok or skillet, use tongs and forks to stir or adjust the food as needed.

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