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Electric Woks & Skillets

If you’ve got a hankering for stir fry, we have a wok for you. At Williams Sonoma, we have electric versions for your countertop that stir-fry to perfection. Or, you can fry up a dozen-plus meatballs in one of our electric skillets to prep for your family’s big Sunday dinner. We’ll help you decide which appliance is best for what types of meals and why you probably want all of them to round out your kitchen. We’ll even introduce you to a new kind of appliance that’ll keep things moving along smoothly in the kitchen using Bluetooth® technology: the induction burner.

Why an Electric Wok?

Minimize the mess and increase your stir-fry skills using an electric wok. Non-stick or stainless-steel bowls help you create memorable dishes that you thought you’d only be able to get in a restaurant. A high-heat electric element gives you multiple precise settings to find the right temperature you need for flavorful stir fry.

An electric wok makes specialty cooking so much easier. An adjustable steam vent on a tempered glass lid can keep your hands safe and controls moisture of your food. Cleaning up is a breeze, just keep abrasive cleaners and pointy utensils away from the bowl to avoid scratches. Silicon-coated stirrers and spoons can help keep a bowl in pristine shape, too.

Why an Electric Skillet?

An electric skillet is a great addition to your kitchen, especially if you like to entertain or cook large amounts of food. The beauty of an electric skillet is that they’re large with tall straight sides that keep messy ingredients inside the pan (if you’ve ever tried cooking chicken cacciatore in a regular fry pan, you know it gets very sloppy very fast) and they cook with steady, evenly distributed heat. An electric skillet gives you the evenly dispersed high heat you need to correctly sear, fry and griddle, and the lower heat you need to simmer or braise your dishes. They’re typically large enough to accommodate large batches of recipes, too. The high sides of an electric skillet keep super hot items safely inside and under the tempered glass lid. Choose a spacious one to cook more than one food at a time in the same pan at the same time.

Electric skillets are ideal for all kinds of recipes you never thought of trying, like frying donuts. But, it’s also great for classic recipes like beef stroganoff, chicken and kielbasa dishes. If you don’t love the heat that your cooktop or oven generates in warm months, try an electric skillet that doesn’t heat up your kitchen as much. Whether you opt for an electric skillet from the Cuisinart cookware collection or from another fine line, it’s one of the most useful small appliances to gift yourself or others who are building their households.

Why a Smart Induction Burner?

State-of-the-art and high-tech cooking comes to the countertop with the introduction of the smart induction burner. An induction burner can automatically control cooking time and temperature for recipes that you program from a cookware app. In most cases, Bluetooth® technology communicates with the app, burner and induction-compatible skillet so you never have to worry about undercooking or overcooking anything in a frying pan ever again. All you have to do is wipe down the burner and control panel with a soft cloth and you’re ready for the next cooking adventure.

With just these three appliances, the sky’s the limit when it comes to cooking. Choose your kitchen appliances thoughtfully, and you and your family will be rewarded with exceptional home cooking for years to come.

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