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Whole Food Juicers

Enjoy healthy juice and smoothies with our collection of easy-to-use electric juicers and blenders. These devices break whole fruits and vegetables down, providing you with specific consistencies that work well for everything from baking recipes to energy-boosting smoothies. Most devices work in just seconds or minutes, making early-morning breakfast and quick meals on the go simpler and faster. At Williams-Sonoma, we’re dedicated to helping you enjoy your time in the kitchen more than ever before. That’s why we provide innovative and high-tech kitchen essentials that help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Whip up a fresh batch of orange juice each morning with our whole food juicers. Simply peel the exterior off, remove as much of the inner white underskin as you like, place the orange inside of the blender and blend on the highest setting until smooth. Add yogurt to make a smoothie, or filter the product through a cheesecloth if you want to separate out the pulp.

You can process a wide range of other foods in our blenders too, including soups, sauces and frozen drinks. Most units come with variable speeds, making them suitable for a long list of tasks. Blend down mashed potatoes by placing freshly boiled potatoes inside with a bit of milk or cream for smooth, silky potatoes that serve up free of any lumps. Alternatively, use your blender to combine a pre-made cake or muffin mix; simply add the ingredients and blend until incorporated on the lowest setting. Pour the blended mixture into a pan as per the directions on the back and bake. It’s a sweet, easy treat with no need for manual whisking.

To crush ice, break down harder foods, or blend hot soup, choose a mixer with shatterproof stainless-steel blades. These blenders can withstand the tests of time, serving you well each time you call on your cook’s tools in the kitchen. These highly durable blades tackle almost anything you can throw at them, reducing the mixture to your preferred consistency. Two-peak horsepower motors are yet another feature that provides you with an immense amount of blending power, so you can get the job done in just seconds and get on with enjoying your food.

For the most powerful and indulgent blending and juicing experience, choose a VitaMix product. These innovative blender and juicer combo products let you shift from blending hard foods like peanuts to emulsifying carrots and spinach for fresh, healthy juice in seconds. Just wash out the reservoir, snap it back in place, load up your produce and choose the setting that best matches the consistency or end result you require. Pour this into your favorite glass and garnish with a sprig of parsley or a slice of fruit.