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High-Speed Juicers

Fresh juices made from whole fruits and vegetables are a great way to add nutrition to any diet. The juicer separates the nutrients from the fiber so that you get maximum nutrition in a single glass. Our collection of high-speed juicers includes centrifugal juicers and citrus presses.

No matter if you like to make large batches of fresh juice or just a cup at a time, a high-speed juicer can handle it all. Because it spins at a high speed, you can whip up a large pitcher of fresh juice for your whole family to enjoy in a short amount of time. The wide feed tube is large enough to handle most whole fruits and vegetables to cut down on the amount of prep you have to do before you start juicing.

Fresh orange juice is a perfect complement to any breakfast, but squeezing all of those oranges by hand can be tiring. With a citrus press, you can gently press every drop of juice out of the fruit with minimum effort. It can accommodate citrus fruits of all sizes from small lemons and limes to large grapefruits. Citrus presses are gentle on the peel to reduce the amount of bitter oils released into your juice so you can enjoy the pure flavor of your fruit.

Not all juicers are created equal, and some brands and models stand out from the rest. We take pride in quality craftsmanship, which is why you will find high-speed juicers from top brands in our collection. In particular, you will find Breville appliances, a top name in juicing. The strong motor spins at several thousand RPMs to extract juice quickly. Breville offers a quiet design, so you do not have to listen to the loud whirring of the motor while juicing your fruits and vegetables. The powerful motor, space-saving design and easy assembly make Breville juicers essential to any home.

Juicer attachments and accessories increase the versatility of your high-speed juicer. Compostable juicer bags collect all of the pulp from your juicer to make it easy to dispose of. It also simplifies the cleaning process.

Get more servings of fruits and veggies in each day with a centrifugal juicer to make fresh juices. Mesh strainers collect more pulp so can enjoy a smooth and refreshing beverage. Whether you want to make a batch of juice for your entire family or a single glass for yourself, a high-speed juicer is up to the task. Serve up your fresh juices in style with glass tumblers from Williams-Sonoma.

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