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Baby Food Makers

You want the best for your baby, and making your own baby food means you always know exactly what they’re eating. However, the steaming, boiling, mashing and pureeing takes some effort, and you’ll want something that can help you save time. Mix up some mealtime magic and make the most of every precious moment with your children by using a baby food maker from us at Williams Sonoma.

Why Buy a Baby Food Maker?

When it’s time to introduce your baby to solid foods, you have the choice of buying premade food at the store or making your own. Both options have their benefits, and there’s no right or wrong choice! Many people even use a combination of the two, making up batches of food when time permits, but using jars of premade food for convenience. The main advantage of making your own food is you know exactly what ingredients you’re using, which is important if your child has allergies or is a fussy eater. You’re also making the food fresh, which means your baby gets the full flavor and nutrition out of every mouthful. Finally, your baby is eating the same food as the rest of the family. You don’t need to make any special shopping trips, and you’re in a position to reduce your grocery bills while bringing your child into the family dining experience and encouraging good eating habits.

The main disadvantage of making baby food is the extra time and effort involved. This is where a baby food maker comes in handy. All-in-one systems make it quick and easy to cook and puree prepared fruit and vegetables for delicious meals in minutes. It’s possible to whip up a bowl for the baby just before the family sits down to eat, or to prepare larger batches and store them in canning jars until you’re ready to serve. Consider labeling jars with their dates and contents, and then storing them in the freezer so you always have a meal ready to microwave.

How Do You Choose a Baby Food Maker?

Making baby food involves preparing the produce, steaming or boiling it and then pureeing it to a smooth consistency with a blender. An all-in-one baby food maker combines all of these actions in one convenient system. Using programmed settings, you have the ability to make fresh, delicious blends at the touch of a button. By removing the need to pre-cook the vegetables, and having fewer pans and bowls to clean, you free up your schedule for more quality time with your baby. When choosing a food maker, consider where you intend to use and store it. Many are quite large, but space-saving models are available to help you declutter your kitchen countertops. It’s also a good idea to look for dishwasher-safe products. That way, you won’t worry about any messy cleanup.

Choosing a Bottle Warmer

If your baby isn’t ready to move to solid foods just yet, a bottle warmer is a useful addition to your kitchen accessories. This appliance makes it easy to get a bottle of milk to the perfect temperature for serving in as little as two minutes. Advanced models have programmable settings and automatic cut-offs, so there’s no risk of overheating. Some even do double-duty as bottle sterilizers, cutting down on costs and minimizing the number of devices you need to clean and find space for. Bottle warmers that adjust to fit any size and style of bottle may even be suitable for heating food jars when your baby finally moves on to solid foods.

Whether you’re bottle-feeding with formula, using store-bought food jars or making your own fruit and vegetable purees, having access to the right appliances allows you to quickly and easily provide the best food for your family. When you use a durable baby food maker, you spend less time making meals and more time making memories.