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Specialty Cookware

Having the right type of cookware and equipment in your kitchen lets you not only create the recipe you love but also do so with little fuss. From frying pans to saucepans, and roasters to casserole dishes, when you have the right tool to do the job, it boosts your confidence level, helping you make your favorite recipes come out just the way you like them. Making specialty items can be fun, especially if you’re trying out a new recipe or something you’ve never attempted before. When you have the right tools for specialty cooking, it can help cut down on prep time, make cooking more effortless, and help you create delicious food. Shop with us at Williams-Sonoma to discover a wide selection of specialty items, from poaching dishes to fondue pots and trivets and accessories.

When you’d like to create exceptional meals, but don’t have a lot of time at the end of the day, a pressure cooker is the go-to solution. These specialty cookers can cook entire meals in up to 70 percent less time than a standard stovetop. Not quite like your mother’s pressure cooker, modern versions have pre-programmed settings for grains, vegetables and meats so that food comes out cooked to perfection for every meal. While pressure cookers have different constructions, some have an aluminum core with a stainless-steel finish, which helps with thorough heat distribution and even cooking. In lieu of one piece, you can also opt for a pressure-cooking set, which gives you a pan with several different inserts and lids, so that you can make even more meals.

When it comes to entertaining, fondue has long been celebrated. However, this is one of those food items for which having the correct equipment is a must. Pair your favorite fondue recipe with your favorite wine for your next event with the addition of a fondue pot and its accessories. Choose from several different types of pots, from stainless-steel to copper, with accessories and forks to match. Easy to use and set up, you can use fondue pots for cheese, chocolate and more. A warming stand is also an excellent idea when you’re entertaining a crowd. This stand gives you the ability to prepare food ahead of time to keep it warm for your guests through the entire event. From entrées to side dishes, you can keep food fresh for your guests for hours.

Whether you’re planning a large clambake or simply enjoy seafood, having seafood accessories on hand is helpful for these nights of the week. Look for shallow poaching dishes, which are excellent for fish and other seafood. Constructed from copper or stainless-steel, these shallow dishes poach fish evenly and thoroughly, for a flaky, enjoyable meal. It’s also a great idea to have other seafood accessories on hand, such as a mussel pot.

Sometimes you may find that you need to replace certain accessories for your kitchen equipment. For example, perhaps you’ve lost a lid, or even a knob on your favorite piece of cookware. Look for a large selection of different replacement lids, knobs and accessories so that you never miss a beat in the kitchen. Trivets are also a handy tool to have in the kitchen, putting adequate space between hot pans or dishes and surfaces you don’t want to damage, such as your counter top. Shop trivets and hot plates to find one that easily complements your kitchen or dining room decor. Other accessories or replacement items you may find you need include replacement handles. Sometimes, even the best pots or pans need a new handle, and there are several different varieties available to ensure you can still cook safely. Pan and handle protectors are also available to lengthen the life of your favorite cookware.

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