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Get into Cast Iron with Staub

See for yourself why Staub cast iron aficionados are so passionate. Cast iron is one of the simplest ways to streamline and revolutionize your cooking. It may not replace everything you already own, but don't be surprised if your Staub cast iron pots and pans become the pieces you reach for the most. Cast iron is so versatile and so easy to keep for life that you deserve at least a few pieces from this beautifully styled brand.

Why Cast Iron Is So Great

Learn all about cast iron and make the switch.

  • These pieces improve with use. Exposed cast iron builds a natural, non-stick surface as you continue to heat oil and juices in it. Enamel-coated cast iron retains its ability to hold heat no matter how long you own it.
  • Since cast iron holds heat extremely well, you can create the kind of dishes people remember. Brown edges, soft insides, thick sauces and even fluffy rice are signatures of cooking with iron.
  • It's almost impossible to harm your Staub cast iron cookware. Cast iron is legendary for its durability.
  • People take these pieces out into the wilderness on backwoods camping adventures, make dinner in them every night for decades and then give them to their grandchildren 50 years later.

Selecting Your Staub Cast Iron Pots and Pans

When selecting your pots and pans, the hardest part may just be narrowing down which ones you want first.

  • Staub enameled cast iron goes oven to table for simplicity and stylishness. If you love both efficiency and the heartiness of a family-style meal, these are the pieces to pick up.
  • Admire the gorgeous colors of this cookware. Maybe midnight blue brings out the depth of your table linen patterns or showcases the black and stainless steel of your appliances. A wine red enamel is original and even sultry for a meal for two.
  • If you cook a lot of pan meals for your family, choose a braiser with a lid or an oval oven that could double as a stock pot.

New Dishes to Enjoy at Home

With Staub cast iron cookware, you can enjoy dishes you may not have made before. Try cast-iron cornbread or seared medallions of steak with whole tomatoes roasted in the pan. Teach yourself simple en cocotte recipes, using the technique of cooking food in its own juices in a French oven.

Once you expand your collection of cast iron cookware, you'll discover a variety of exciting new meals to make.

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