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Cast Iron Grill Pans

You can be prepared for anything with a set of our cast iron grill pans. Cast iron pans can go from the broiler to the grill to the stove top, offering you the ultimate in flexible cookware convenience. You can choose grill pans with ridged cooking surfaces that elevate foods above juices and fats while imprinting seared grill marks on steaks, seafood and veggies.

Get the Grill Going

Pick out a pancake griddle and a sizzle pan for stir fries and fajitas. Add a cast iron pot and you have all the equipment to grill delicious pork chops, cook johnnycakes and boil corn for a Southern style backyard feast. Some grills, griddles and combo cookware cover two burners so there’s plenty of room for a full Irish breakfast or a platter full of grilled mushrooms.

Cast Iron Must-Have

A good cast iron fry pan is a must for making crispy fried chicken, pineapple upside down cake and cornbread. Most cast-iron cookware comes pre-seasoned and you continue seasoning the pan every time you cook with it. Some cast iron grill pans are coated with a non-reactive surface so you can cook citrus and acidic foods in the cookware. Cast-iron takes a few minutes to heat up, but the wait is worth it. The heavy cast iron holds heat well, so you can easily sear meats, fry fish on the stove top or bake a shepherd's pie in the oven with the same kind of pan. Cast iron grill pans with handles make it easy to hold the pan steady while transferring grilled foods to a platter. Use a potholder or oven mitt as the pan will be hot after cooking.

What You Can Make

You can make a variety of dishes with a cast iron griddle or cast iron grill including grilled cheese sandwiches, fried rice, hamburgers and cottage fries. Breakfast dishes are a cinch on a proper cast-iron grill. You'll be able to make French toast, crepes, bacon, hash browns and sausage to feed a hungry crowd at home or at camp. If you have fishing aficionados, or you fish yourself, you need a cast-iron grill to experience seasoned grilled fish without the mess. A cast iron grill keeps fresh fish bits from sticking to your gas or charcoal grill rack while the smoke under the lid imparts a smoky rich taste to the meat.

At Williams Sonoma you can choose single- and double-handled griddles and grills with spouts to drain grease and excess liquids from foods. Spouts also help when discarding spent cooking oil from cast iron grill pans. Our cast iron grill pans with covers allow you to slow-cook foods on low settings and make camp-style baked items on top of the grill.

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