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Williams-Sonoma Wineglass Collections
Finely crafted wineglasses do make a positive difference in the perception of a wine's flavor and aroma.

We have selected our wineglasses for their exceptional clarity, design and comfortable weight. They are crafted by premier glassmakers who produce glassware that offers the technical features that enhance a wine's qualities and also the aesthetic characteristics that make serving wine a pleasure.

Stemware differs in its design philosophy and style. The glasses in the Williams collection are designed to enhance the enjoyment of red or white wines, regardless of variety. This stemware offers a more casual approach to drinking wine.

On the other hand, Riedel assumes a more formalized approach to appreciating wine. Each glass is tailored to a particular variety. The Vinum collection is Riedel's machine-made series; these glasses are made of 24 percent lead crystal. The Sommeliers collection, Riedel's premier line, features handcrafted lead-crystal stemware designed for serving the world's most prized vintages. The new "O" tumblers, made of non-leaded glass, are based on the benchmark shapes of Riedel's other lines; they are ideal for casual sipping.

Your choice of Williams or Riedel glassware is a matter of personal preference. Whether you're selecting glasses for white wines and red wines or particular varieties, some considerations remain constant.

Look for wineglasses that offer clarity so you can experience the color and texture of the wine. Glasses with thin rims are more enjoyable for sipping. Finally, hold the wineglass in your hand. How does it feel? It should be comfortable and easy to grasp. Cheers!