Tips & Techniques Book Briefs Williams-Sonoma Collection: Vegetable
Williams-Sonoma Collection: Vegetable
Celebrate the seasons with Vegetable, one of the newest additions to the Williams-Sonoma Collection series. From salads and side dishes to hearty main courses, veteran cookbook author Marlena Spieler gathers into one superb book her favorite recipes for a year's worth of garden-fresh vegetables. Recipes are organized by season, so you'll be cooking vegetables at their peak of flavor, whether it's fava beans in the spring or red cabbage in the winter.

Discover new ideas for preparing familiar vegetables and simple ways to add elegance to special meals. Shallots simmered in red wine are a natural foil to grilled or roasted meats. Butternut squash lends its golden hue to a creamy sage-infused risotto. Even mashed potatoes find new life with the addition of unexpected ingredients, such as pesto or Roquefort cheese.

Flavors from around the world will add spice to your table—an open-faced Spanish omelette sprinkled with potato, red pepper and tomato is perfect for a weekend brunch, while a crisp vegetable stir-fry with tofu makes a quick weeknight supper.

Beautifully photographed, this book is more than simply a collection of recipes. Informative sidebars highlight key ingredients and techniques. A basics section offers tips on choosing and preparing vegetables and describes various cooking methods, from boiling and grilling to roasting and steaming. The extensive glossary covers key ingredients and cooking equipment.

So visit your local farmers' market and pick up the best of the season's vegetables. With this cookbook in hand, you'll be inspired to prepare meals that are as beautiful as they are healthful.