Tips & Techniques Book Briefs Williams-Sonoma Collection: Ice Cream
Williams-Sonoma Collection: Ice Cream
Once enjoyed only by royalty, ice cream is now the most popular and delicious way to tame summer's heat. Ice Cream, part of the Williams-Sonoma Collection series, gathers old favorites and creative new flavors in a tempting guide to this irresistible dessert.

Author Mary Goodbody, a nationally known food writer and cookbook editor, shows just how easy it is to prepare ice cream at home. You'll learn the distinctions between styles of ice cream around the world, and how to work with eggs and milk when preparing a custard base. A discussion of the various types of ice cream makers available today will help you choose one that's right for you. The author stresses the importance of using top-quality ingredients and offers tips on finding, selecting and preparing only the best. You'll taste the difference in recipes like mint-chocolate chip ice cream, made with fresh mint leaves and melted bittersweet chocolate.

The book features more than 40 recipes for rich ice creams, tangy sorbets and flavorful granitas—from the simple to the extravagant. Show off peak-of-season summer fruit with blueberries and cream or an icy honeydew melon granita. At holiday gatherings, you'll be praised for refreshing treats like rosy-hued cranberry sorbet or pumpkin ice cream sweetly spiced with ginger and cinnamon. Or add Italian-style ice cream to your repertoire with a decadent chocolate-hazelnut gelato. For the perfect ending to an Asian meal, serve scoops of green tea ice cream.

Of course, what better way to enjoy ice cream than scooped into a sundae dish and drizzled with luscious toppings? You'll find recipes for simple sauces like creamy butterscotch and Cointreau-spiked raspberry. You can even create your own hardening fudge sauce: When this hot sauce comes in contact with cold ice cream, it turns chewy and candylike—always a favorite with the kids.

Each ice cream recipe is accompanied by a full-page color photograph. Helpful sidebar tips, a basics section and a detailed glossary provide all the information you'll need for making smooth, rich ice cream.

Once you sample a few of these recipes, we know you'll agree that homemade ice cream is simply the best there is. Ice Cream will help satisfy your sweet tooth throughout the year.