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Versatile Vegetables & Sides
With these tasty, easy-to-make dishes on the menu, kids will eat their veggies just for the fun of it. Regardless of their latest opinion on vegetables, few young chefs can resist the temptation to devour their own home-cooked creations (even the green ones).

Creative kids will have fun customizing the filling for stuffed baked potatoes, adapting the recipe to include favorite meats and vegetables. Our oven-baked carrot "fries" are a tasty twist on the popular carrot sticks and will soon rival the popularity of French fries among the younger set. To prove that "green" and "good" really can mean the same thing, encourage junior cooks to sauté green beans or toss a crisp salad with creamy green goddess dressing. Whatever the choices of the day, our versatile veggies and sides will guarantee membership in the clean plate club every time.