Tips & Techniques Equip & Tools Using a Stand Mixer

A stand mixer, a stationary, motor-driven electric mixer, is good for combining large amounts of food and heavy batters. The basic set of attachments usually includes one or more stainless-steel or glass work bowls, which lock securely to the case; a wire whisk for beating egg whites or whipping cream; a paddle for creaming butter and sugar and mixing batters; and a dough hook for kneading bread dough. You can extend the versatility of a top-of-the-line model, like a KitchenAid, with a range of accessories that use the motor's powerful action to perform diverse tasks. One popular attachment turns a stand mixer into a high-performance food processor that makes quick work of everyday prep tasks, from slicing potatoes to shredding cheese. A pasta roller attachment simplifies the process of making fresh pasta by freeing up your hand that would be needed to turn the crank on a manual pasta machine, and a pasta press will extrude a variety of pasta shapes using six different plates. One attachment that grinds meat and another that can be used to stuff sausages make preparing homemade sausages a snap. A slow juicer allows you to press fruits and vegetables into fresh, wholesome juices and nut milks, while a citrus juicer attachment makes quick work of juicing lemons, limes and oranges. The grain mill attachment allows you to grind ingredients like wheat, oats and barley into flour. A new spiralizer attachment will turn fruits and vegetables into shapes from slim strands to long, flat ribbons, as well as peel and core several types of produce. The ice cream maker attachment comes with a double-walled metal bowl that can be used to make ice cream after being frozen overnight.