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Tomato Glossary

Large, meaty and delicious variety, bright red to orange.

A rich red heirloom tomato with a purple or green tinge.

Cherry Tomato
Miniature, sweet tomatoes available in yellow, red and orange. Look for red Sweet 100s or orange Sun Golds, both especially sweet and intensely flavored.

Early Girl
A full-flavored red tomato that ripens early in the season and bears fruit for a long while.

Green Tomato
Both a specific tomato variety and the unripe version of red tomatoes. The variety is eaten like any ripe tomato, while unripe green tomatoes are fried or made into conserves.

Tomato Glossary

Pear Tomato
Another category of cherry tomatoes, shaped like its namesake and available in yellow, red and orange varieties.

Plum Tomato
Also known as Roma or egg tomatoes, with a meaty, flavorful flesh that is particularly good for making sauce.

Adapted from Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Companion (Time-Life Books, 2000).