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The Story of Mauviel
For professional chefs and serious cooks alike, the search for the ultimate in cookware inevitably leads to those made of copper, the best performing—and most beautiful—of culinary materials. It led Chuck Williams to Mauviel, a French company founded in 1830 and still run by the same dedicated family. In Europe's top restaurants and hotels as well as its great private homes, the name Mauviel remains synonymous with the finest copper cookware.

Among his first discoveries in Paris in the early days of Williams-Sonoma were the luxurious, hard-working copper pans and serving pieces from Mauviel. After tracking down the manufacturer, he began to import them for the original Sutter Street store.

"Mauviel had a very small factory in Normandy," he recalls. "We had to make a trip there, which wasn't easy. But within a year or so, I had all of the sizes in saucepans, sauté pans, frying pans, stockpots and casseroles in copper with brass handles. We have had Mauviel copper ever since."

At the factory, located in a city renowned for French copper manufacture since the 14th century, ten master coppersmiths pool their skills to fabricate each piece. Drawing on generations of copper artisanship, they create gorgeous, restaurant-tough cookware with pleasing proportions and refined detail. Crafted for lifelong satisfaction, Mauviel copper is very much at ease in any kitchen or dining room.

In the decades since Chuck Williams introduced Mauviel copper to American cooks, it has become a Williams-Sonoma signature. He designed our exclusive version more than 40 years ago as the ideal cookware for preparing foods and serving them in style. Individually shaped and polished to a gleaming finish, Mauviel copper cookware looks striking in your kitchen and on the table.

Copper Construction
  • Prized for its perfectly even heat conduction, copper heats up and cools down almost instantly for maximum control and precise timing.
  • Many chefs consider it the ultimate culinary material.
  • Mauviel copper cookware is crafted of 1.5 to 2.5 mm copper thickness.

    Steel-lined Cooking Surface
  • The interior is bonded 18/10 stainless steel (on most pieces).
  • This durable material resists sticking for easy cleaning, will not react with acidic ingredients and lasts a lifetime.

    Classic Design
  • The collection includes shapes designed for traditional cooking that perform and display beautifully.
  • Nothing makes a diner feel more indulged than being served at table from a beautiful copper pan.

    Solid Brass Handles
  • These elegant handles, a Williams-Sonoma exclusive, are attached with sturdy, stainless-steel rivets.
  • They'll never loosen or need to be replaced, and are oven safe.
  • Copper serving pieces with brass fittings make a particularly beautiful presentation when you entertain.

    Special Orders
  • Williams-Sonoma offers a complete assortment of Mauviel cookware.
  • For special orders, ask a sales associate.