Tips & Techniques Grilling The Perfect Summer Grill Picnic

The glowing sun and the heat of summer entice anyone to enjoy the open air. With an abundance of warmth and light, a picnic is a great way to share a meal with friends and family. Today, grilling is no longer left to the confines of your backyard; with the increasing availability of portable grills, you can easily pack one up to take along wherever you choose. Whether the venue is a meadow, park or vineyard, all you need to do is to stock your picnic basket, grab the grill, and you’re ready to feast on all that summer has to offer.

Gather ingredients

Make a list and shop before your picnic. Be sure to buy fresh meat and produce that is in season.

Choose the right spot

Select a shady location, unless you don’t mind a little bit of sun. If you choose a spot in the grass, inspect for poison ivy and poison oak before you set your blanket down. Set up your grill on a concrete or rocky surface; avoid putting it on the grass, where it could easily start a fire.

Start the fire

Make sure that you have read your grill’s instruction manual on how to properly start it. All you’ll need is some charcoal, wood chips and a fire source and you’ll be on your way.

Grill the food

Before you set any food down on the grill, make sure the grates are clean to avoid any unwanted flavor. Let the grill heat up before you begin to cook. 

Keep the fire going

Never leave your grill unattended. Plan to keep your fire going by adding coals when you notice the fire is starting to burn down. If your grill has vents, maintain the temperature range by adjusting them if necessary.

Let the grill cool

Before packing up to go home, let your fire die down and make sure the grill has cooled before you pack it up.