Tips & Techniques Book Briefs The New Slow Cooker

One of the latest books from Williams-Sonoma, The New Slow Cooker introduces home chefs to a modern approach to slow cooking. It features more than 100 enticing recipes that are deliciously contemporary, with robust flavors, crisp textures and bright colors.

Hearty short rib tacos are enlivened with a sprightly avocado-tomatillo salsa, while braised chicken pappardelle gets a welcome burst of flavor from lemon zest and fresh herbs. You’ll also find recipes for slow-cooked vegetable dishes, such as meltingly tender braised potatoes and escarole that are perked up with a zesty vinaigrette and diced oranges.

To help you get the most from your slow cooker, the book explains some quick steps to ensuring optimal results, from seasoning and browning the ingredients to reducing the braising liquid. Whether you’re preparing a weeknight meal for the family or a dinner for guests, these recipes will have everyone asking for seconds.