Tips & Techniques Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Arrange pumpkins and squashes on a decorative platter and tuck branches with autumnal berries beneath them. Fill out the arrangement with coordinating foliage and berries, keeping it airy to allow elements of the platter to show through.

Place a purchased wreath made of olive branches, laurel, rosemary, evergreen boughs or other fresh foliage in the center of the table. Gather some unscented pillar candles around the edges and place a cluster of amber-colored glass vases in the center. Arrange sprigs of foliage, berries or vines in each vase, using only a few branches to avoid blocking sight lines across the table.

Arrange persimmons, miniature apples, pears or other seasonal produce in a decorative glass dish or bowl. Cut sprays of colorful autumnal foliage and insert the cut ends between the fruit.