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Supper Club Entertaining: Organization and Timing

As the host of the supper club party, once you've planned the menu and shopped for groceries, you become the producer of the event. Here are a few suggestions for hosting an organized party that ensures all of you will sit down at the same time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

  • Eight people is the ideal size for a supper club party. Of course, the number may vary according to the size of your kitchen and your enthusiasm.
  • Print numerous copies of each recipe so you'll have extras on hand to replace those that get lost or spilled upon.
  • Divide your kitchen into workstations, with one station per recipe. Tape a copy of the recipe at each station for easy reference. In addition, give everyone a copy of each recipe for the evening's dinner to take home.
  • At each workstation, set out the ingredients (premeasured is best) along with the equipment and utensils needed to prepare the dish.
  • When everybody arrives, have a meeting to discuss the menu and the timing. Everybody should agree upon a group finish time (when the meal will be served). Divide the group into teams (one team per recipe). If you wish, designate one person to "float" to ensure that the timing is on track and to offer a helping hand when needed (this is a good role for the host).
  • Encourage each team to divide the tasks in their recipe (chopping the onions, rolling out the dough, etc.) according to skill level or preference. In addition to cooking, teams are responsible for cleaning their stations and equipment.
  • Set the table before everyone arrives so you'll have time to cook with the group or supervise the action.
  • Create a bar station that includes alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages so guests can sip as they cook.
  • Enjoy yourself!