Tips & Techniques Grilling Summer on the Grill
Summer on the Grill
The savory sizzle of an outdoor grill invites cooks to venture beyond basic burgers and explore creative new options. Here we feature innovative recipes designed for summer grilling, such as our deviled pork loin. A bone-in roast is seasoned with a piquant marinade, then placed atop potatoes and spring onions in a mesh grill pan; as they cook, the meat and vegetables are infused with delicious smoky flavor.

Our wood-fired pizzas emerge with crispy crusts, rivaling any you would enjoy in an Italian pizzeria. Other enticing dishes include an arugula salad topped with grilled peaches and creamy goat cheese, and fire-roasted jalapeño peppers filled with cheddar cheese and fresh corn kernels. With recipes like these, summer grilling will never be the same!