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Summer Festivals
During the summer, towns across America host festivals to celebrate the harvest of a regional agricultural crop. These gatherings combine food booths, cooking and eating contests with shopping and entertainment, offering something for everyone. A true slice of Americana, the festivals are a wonderful way to savor the bounty of summer. Here is a sampling of festivals across the country.

National Cherry Festival

This festival in Traverse City, Michigan, is one of the nation's largest, drawing over 500,000 people each July to enjoy cherries in every guise.

Olathe Sweet Corn Festival

About 70,000 ears of "the best sweet corn on the planet" are shucked for this summer celebration in Olathe, Colorado.

Gilroy Garlic Festival

Enjoy everything garlic at this fragrant festival in Gilroy, California. Over two tons of garlic are used in dishes ranging from stuffed mushrooms to calamari—and even ice cream.

Luling Watermelon Thump

Held in Luling, Texas, the Watermelon Thump honors the thirst-quenching summer melon. Join the seed-spitting and melon-eating contests, watch the coronation of the Thump Queen and attend the parade.

Strawberry Days Festival

The Strawberry Days Festival in Glenwood Springs dates from 1897 and claims to be Colorado's oldest civic festival. Originally established to celebrate the strawberry harvest, it now includes an artisans' festival, food festival and entertainment.

Tomato Festival

Held in Yuba City, California, this festival celebrates the summer tomato with events ranging from chef demonstrations to the Tomato Stomp, during which over sixty gallons of tomatoes are gleefully smashed by festival-goers.

Georgia Peach Festival

Appropriately located in Peach County, Georgia, this Fort Valley festival pays homage to the delicious stone fruit, complete with the world's largest peach cobbler baked in a 6-by-9-ft. pan!

National Blueberry Festival

Indulge in blueberry pancakes, fresh-baked pies, cobblers and other scrumptious treats at the annual blueberry festival in South Haven, Michigan.