Tips & Techniques Ingredients Stretch-Curd Cheeses
Stretch-Curd Cheeses

Mild, creamy cheese made from cow's or water buffalo's milk curd formed into balls. It may be salted or not. If possible, seek out fresh mozzarella, which is sold surrounded by a little of the whey, rather than the rubbery products made in large factories.

String Cheese
A popular snack food, particularly with children, string cheese is mozzarella cheese that has been pulled into strings, or strands, and then packaged in plastic so that it is shaped like short, fat sticks. It is also called Armenian-style string cheese, rope or braided cheese. String cheese is rarely, if ever, used in cooking.

Adapted from Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Companion: The A to Z Guide to Everyday Cooking, Equipment and Ingredients (Time-Life Books, 2000)