Storing Wine
Wine remains very much alive in the bottle and, if properly stored, can eventually evolve to astounding complexity and mellowness. To enhance your enjoyment of many fine wines, it's essential to facilitate the aging process, which will improve flavor and bouquet over time.

When storing wine, temperature is a key factor. The optimal temperature is 50° to 55°F—the lower it is, the more slowly a fine vintage will mature. But wine can be safely stored at up to 68°F if the temperature remains constant.

Always store bottles on their sides to ensure that corks remain in contact with the wine. When bottles are left upright, their corks dry and shrink, allowing oxidation to occur.

Ultraviolet light will also catalyze the oxidation process, so wine is best kept out of direct sunlight, preferably in a dark place. High humidity won't necessarily affect wines, but it can damage the labels. To prevent disturbing the sediment of a wine, always store bottles away from vibrations caused by heavy traffic or powerful appliances.