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Pastry Chef Jean-Yves Charon
If you'd asked Jean-Yves Charon as a young boy if he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up, the answer would have been a definite "oui." Since the age of 15, the French-born Charon has dedicated his life to the creation of delicious gourmet pastries.

As a young man, the aspiring chef traveled extensively in France, England and the United States, seizing every opportunity to learn about the art and business of fine baked goods. Charon's aspirations to start his own business were fulfilled in 1988, just four years after he moved to the United States. The bakery he founded has evolved into Galaxy Desserts, an award-winning company that produces artisanal pastries for dessert lovers, fine restaurants and hotels around the globe.

Situated in a town just north of San Francisco, Galaxy Desserts is renowned for its outstanding quality and creativity. Charon takes great pride in his profession and is continually working with his staff to develop innovative desserts that are as visually stunning as they are delicious. Each mouthwatering creation is hand made using time-honored techniques and the finest natural ingredients.

Williams-Sonoma is proud to offer a selection of Charon's exceptional breakfast pastries and desserts. They transform any meal into a special occasion.