Tips & Techniques Christmas Packaging Home-Baked Treats
Packaging Home-Baked Treats
It's easy to package homemade holiday treats. You can use almost any strong container with an attractive shape. Baking pans, canisters and pudding molds work beautifully because the recipient can enjoy using the container throughout the year, long after the treats have been eaten.

If you're transporting baked goods by hand, simply arrange them in a cellophane bag and wrap them in waxed tissue paper. Or nestle them in a gift box or other container you have chosen. Tie a festive ribbon around the package (and perhaps attach the recipe) and your present is ready to go.

When packaging baked goods for longer distances (and more bumps), make sure the container is airtight and the food is wrapped well. Line the container with tissue and wrap the food in waxed paper, or use waxed tissue paper, which looks pretty and will not stain. If you're mailing baked goods, line the inside of the box with bubble wrap, then with waxed tissue paper. Wrap the container in bubble wrap and paper, and place in a larger box filled with Styrofoam peanuts for mailing.