Want proof that extraordinary can be easy? Try our quick ways to elevate everyday favorites from the simple to the sublime. These tricks will transform any dish into something you'll be proud to serve to your guests.

Bake it special
Bake foods in individual dishes instead of in one large pan. At a dinner party, there's something special about being presented with your very own little casserole or dessert.

Offer a rainbow of salts
Enhance foods with natural, artisan-crafted salts from around the world. Perfect partners for salads, meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables and desserts, they add intriguing colors and delicate flavors.

Change up your serveware
Look at your serving pieces in a new way. For example, pureed soups can be poured from a decorative pitcher into large teacups. Or serve an appetizer or first course in a martini glass, wineglass or shot glass.

Plate it up
Take a cue from professional chefs and assemble each person’s plate for them instead of serving on platters. Salads and most desserts can be assembled ahead of time so all you have to do is the entrée when everyone is ready to eat.

Add a great garnish
Little things can add a lot. Lend a memorable touch to drinks by rimming the glasses with sugar and salt. Or place a simple herb sprig or slice of fruit on entrée and dessert plates.