Tips & Techniques Christmas Italian Seafood Dinner on Christmas Eve
Italian Seafood Dinner on Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve dinner in Italian households is noted for its abundant array of fresh seafood, its selection of good wines and the celebratory spirit of the guests. Even if you are not Italian, you can capture the joyful mood of this family party with our inspired menu.

Begin the festivities with crimson cocktails made from Campari and soda, plus an antipasto platter brimming with cured meats, olives and stuffed cherry peppers. Instead of the seven seafood dishes traditionally served by Italian families, we are featuring one bountiful dish that combines shrimp, scallops and squid. Creamy lemon risotto is the perfect accompaniment. To end the meal, offer guests slices of ricotta cheesecake glazed with blood orange marmalade.

Set the mood by using colorful painted pottery for tableware and incorporating branches of olives or fresh herbs into your centerpiece. Fill the air with Christmas carols sung in Italian, or arias from such favorite works as Rigoletto and Così fan tutte. Then savor a holiday feast at its finest.